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+ So, the quest continues+

Hi there, fellow reader... Who's life treating you?. In my particular case, I'm doing just fine... not great, but fine. Which is kinda good considering the way I've been seeing life now...

I mean, I'm in a point in my freaking life where I'm thinking about what I'm supposed to do now. No job, no college, no nothing... Not even a girlfriend, or supportive friends by my side. I know I have commited some mistakes in the past, so that means that as somebody said to me once, "all of our mistakes tend to repeat or go back to us in some point". So, I guess that person was right.. ._.

I'm on those wierd mood shifts again... Some days I'm totally hyper and happy and blah, blah *insert random happy 1990's song* and some other days I'm totally gloomy and sad... I guess that the fact I'm feeling completly alone makes me feel vulnerable and that sort of stuff...

Even those I though were partners, now have turn their back to me...

Should I care?

The decision is on me...


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Oct. 7th, 2006 09:38 pm (UTC)
Feñikime (http://lacuna-corrosive.blogspot.com)
Todos nos hemos sentido solos y desprotegidos... no es nuevo que alguien se sienta así. Y es bueno que pedir ayuda y protección. Déjame decirte que aunque te sientas solo, yo haré lo posible (y lo imposible también) para demostrarte que no lo estás. Yo siempre te acompañaré aunque no sea siempre físicamente (y me siento culpable de no estarlo u.u...). Cuídate mucho mucho y recuerda: No estás solo. See ya!

Have a nice day!

Feñikime Motou
Oct. 9th, 2006 02:36 am (UTC)
and you'r rigth....
did i tell you that?

yes i did...

and you'r right...you deserved...you cheated on me and now you' girlfriend cheatd on you... i was rigth...and everything that it's going into you, you deserve, because, you are allways thinking about you'r pain, but you never think about what other feel, and being like that makes you alone...

i'm concerned with you'r pain too, you'r pain it's my satisfaccion...

you made me like this, now, get drowned into you'r pain, in your lies, in you'r blood...and make me smile with it...

KssDr GmiNi
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