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++ Maybe is just me ++

Hi there people... How are we feeling today?. Hope you're ok...

I'm not.

I just don't know whats going on with the world... Maybe is just me, 'cause I'm always blaming the rest of the world... It's hard sometimes to think about what's wrong or not when you're always looking things from your own perspective... I mean, I would be glad if I could see things out of my head... This is so confussing...

I have secrets... I have whishes... I have things I would like to tell everybody....

This is a wierd entry...

BTW, Ebisu's birthday is today... I don't if I'll be able to give him a gift or something, but anyway... If you get to read this, Happy Birthday!!


++ Meme thingie++

Wanna know a little bit more about the things I like??

My Interests Collage!Collapse )
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Sorry, guys! No more for today... I'm in a hurry!

+ Big, biggie update +

As always, hi there my fellow reader!

How's life treating you?? So far, things have been ok here... As for my job-seeking quest, I gotta say that I'm totally sucking... T___T

Anyway,  at least my health and my spirit is on high moment now,  most probably due to the fact we are celebrating our Patriotic Month. Thing's like that always make me feel better.  So, not a lot of action on the romantic side... I gotta say that I'm alone right now, but that will sound pathetic in every type of way... Makes me think about certain people I've met on the past month's... *eyes roll*

You know, since we are next to spring here on Chile., I'm feeling depressed... I don't know why... Is something that happens...

More assorted randomness and stuff in my next entry...


BTW, I just watched the other day "Snakes on a Plane".... Total randomness all-over... I not a bad movie at all but I've seen worse....

Quiz thingie...

No time today... Just some quizzie stuff...
Which TCD guy would most likely take you on a date?

Hooooo boy. You got tongue. YOU GOT TONGUE. HOORAY!!! 8D (or "ew", depending on how kinky you are)
Take this quiz!

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More assorted randomness in my next post...
Hi there fellow reader¡¡

Long time without actually posting here... I gotta tell you; the past few day's have been very busy ones. All sort's of different stuff, ranging from house cleaning to cooking for almost your entire family in an unexpected visit¡¡. Surprisingly enough, I've been able to overcome all that things and move forward with some personal proyects I'm working on...

In other stuff, September has finally arrived and as you might have noticed, we on Chile are celebrating our Patriotic Month (which makes me realize how many Patriots jokes I'm gonna hear...  You got that don't you? No? Ok. *sigh* ). Anyway, as usual my mum is going to do some stuff at home like a BBQ or something like that... I'm just waiting for that to happen... ^_^U

As far as my "job seeking quest" goes, I've been unable to found a decent one yet... And of course, there's always the thing that you leave your resume but they never call you back¡¡ I don't like when that happens...

Anywway, not much stuff to tell...

C'ya around¡¡  
Hi there friends¡¡

How life treating you?? So far, everything calm and relaxed here... I'm only worried about some no-sense stuff but I'm ok...

DDR tournament the other day was a blast¡¡ Lot's of people, lot's of fun and stuff... Only one thing went wrong and it was something related to the organization of the tournmant... We were supposed to start at 5 PM and we ended up starting the competion at 5:30 PM... but besides from that everything was great...

BTW, I uploaded a new video to YouTube... In a few words: MGS + Randomness = Fun

Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/v/_BpPofUFcCY

If you want to check some pic's, videos and stuff about the DDR Tournament
Here: http://rapidshare.de/files/31000937/Nueva_carpeta.rar.html (Those are the pic's I took) ,
here also : http://d.turboupload.com/d/928354/Torneo_DDR_Puerto_Montt_By_VixXo.0.zip.html (for the pic's my friend Vixxo took)

and here:



+ Quicky update +

Hi there... This being a quicky update just to upload the link with  the pic's and stuff of yesterday's DDR tournament.

Here it is: http://rapidshare.de/files/31000937/Nueva_carpeta.rar.html

More random info, posts and stuff in the next entry... Today I'm in a hurry, sorry¡¡¡ ^//^

Music Meme.

Stolen from tamer_takato journal on a very, very old entry....

* Testigo recibido de: ( Meme taken or given by)
Takato... Sorry about stealing your entries....

* Tamaño total de los archivos de música en mi PC: (Total size of music files on my PC)
1.5 GB, Videos Incluidos (Including videos): 1.5 GB

* Último disco que me compré: (Last CD I bought)
Song's in the key of X - Music from and inspired on The X Files.

* Canción que estoy escuchando ahora: (Song I'm hearing right now)
Red Right Hand - Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

* 5 canciones que escucho un montón o que tienen algún significado para mi: (5 song's that I like listening a lot or at least have a meaning to me)

1. Franz Ferdinand - Do you want to
2. The Cardigans - Carnival.
3. Cynthia Harrel - Snake Eater
4. Boa - Duvet
5. Harry Gregson Williams / Kazuki Muraoka - Metal Gear Solid Main Theme (MGS2 Version)

* 4 personas a las que les paso el testigo: (4 people who I give this meme)

1. Robo2001
2. Okelay
3. Ebisumaru
4. Anyone who read's it...

Ok, so... Tomorrow, big DDR Tournament on Puerto Montt (Chile)... I'll be there to take some pic's and stuff....

Bye¡¡      EDIT: - I am worth $1,604,020 on HumanForSale.com Funny stuff


I'm in a MGS mood and you know it...

Hi there my fellow readers?

How's life treating you?. In my particular case, I'm doing just fine... Anyway, today I'm not going  to "talk" about my mood shifts and stuff... I'm here to say that during a few more day's I'll be heading to Santiago (Chile's capital city) to attend an anime con. called Cosplay Reunion (September 9th)

With the lovely help of Franny (who's is gonna be dressed as Sniper Wolf) and Danny (who will be cosplaying Solid Snake) we will hope to put our best effort to do our long-planned MGS1 skit...

So, you must be wondering... Which character from MGS1 I'll be cosplayin??. If you said Otacon, you just got yourself a nice bunch of kisses and hug's¡¡ :3

You want to check out my costume?' So, take a look under the cut...

So far, this is the overall look of the costume... Still a WIP (work-in-progress) and haven't decided whether I use a wig or not..., also the ID card is not the one I'll use...

So, have a nice week and enjoy¡¡


++ New Episode ++

This being a quick reminder to you all, that I have now uploaded a new episode of my Podcast, which you can listen here: http://zephir.podomatic.com/

If there's something wrong with the audio, I'll fix it     


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