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++ Springtime Thoughts ++

So, finally It seems that spring has finally arrived at my city, after a long month of heavy raining and freezing temperatures. ^.^

And with that, comes all the stuff I hate from spring: Allergies, couples here and everywhere and several other stuff I won't comment here. Anyway, apart from that I've been thinking about some personal stuff, like:

1.- I'm a complete failure when it comes to keep friendly relationships with people. Yep, that about does it. I've realized that, whenever I do something wrong or inadecuated, people tend to walk away from me.

2.- Some people look me as only a bump in the road. Maybe they are right, maybe they are wrong... But, how can I change their way of seeing me?

3.- I want to do something about what happen with asatochiro a few months ago. I know she doesn't to hear from me and even her cousin, ebisumaru_ also seems to have forgot the fact that we were supposed to be friends.

4.- In relation to the above written, I would like to clarify some points and add some info:

 4.1. First, It was never my intention to harm Asato's feelings towards me. As I posted, in an entry about 1 or 2 months ago, we, as human being, want to be accepted by our peers and to do so, we hide some stuff about ourselves. Of course, is more honest for ourself and for the people around us, to keep things clear and with the truth in front.

 4.2. Secondly, if I didn't said some stuff about me, in a more clear and truthful way, it was because I was afraid of not being accepted by Asato or her cousin.

 4.3 Third: I've never said anything to anybody, that was in a way to make myself more different from my real self.

 4.4. Fourth: Is not in my nature as a person, to comment personal stuff, information or anything, about the people I know. and I care about.

 4.5. Fifth: I've never said anything against Asato's or Ebisu's.

I wanted to make myself clear.

Asato, if you get to read this, plz. drop me a comment or ring me a bell.... You know where to find me.


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