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Life can be full of surprises...

 It has been a long time since my last update here. Almost 2 o 3 years. I know, I've been pretty much a LazyAss when it comes to updating my internet thingies. I even left dA.

Anyway, lot's of things have happened during this time. A bunch of old friends have gone away from my life and new ones have come to take their place. It's sad to say, but the world I used to know is no longer the one I wanted to live in. I know i've been a douchebag to some people and I know I can't do much to make them come back.

At least I still have them in my heart.

In other news, I dropped out of college. I realized that not everyone has to be forced or pushed to make carreer choices. But in a way, I feel bad for all this. I know that without a degree you can't go far in life, but is that so important? I mean, i'm living life at my own rythm, not pressured or pushed to make great choices. I've already planned what I want to do, the places I want to go.

But planning is half the battle. Things can happen and ruin everything. And even so, you still can get important life lessons. 

In any case, I'm up for the challenge.

I'll start updating this more often. 


Life has been wierd over the last couple of months. Really wierd. Lots of friends lost, and some other new people I have met.

I have done different things also... and some of them are the type of things you "don't tell your parents about it". Nothing really fancy or out-of-the-blue, but most certantly, not the type of stuff I'm used to do. Long story to tell anyway... Someday I'll talk about it, but not now.

But, just must be wondering... Why did I left my blog alone?. There are several reasons:

1.- The geeky reason, is that I got bored of LJ limited set of options for non-premiun accounts. While I'm a very instructed computer user, i don't know jack about HTML coding so without that knowledge there's nothing I can do to change a little bit, the look and feel of my blog. Plus, the only computer program that you can use to "manipulate" images that I know how to use it is Microsoft Paint. Photoshop is "way out of my league".

2.- The geeky reason number 2 is that I wanted to try Blogger's new system. Is full of options and "shinny things", but that's not my style.

3.- And the final, non geeky reason is that I didn't wanted to post anything here after what happened with a certain user (whose identity, I'll not reveal... because, is not even worhty to be mentioned). I don't think that "that person" has a stalker complex or something like that, but better be ready... The world is a strange place now... It's just like when you log-on to MSN or ICQ after a long time of being away, and all of a sudden your address has been added to you just don't know how many people, and you don't even know them... As anything like that has happened to anyone of you?.

Happened to me today. I'm still panicking...

Anyway, moving to other subjects a friend of mine, came here to pay me a visit... Well, actually she was here because of a much needed pit-stop after hours of road travel from Argentina and Southern Chile. Poor Hito-chan, she was still tired when we meet up in the morning... but that didn't stop her from jumping on my back to drop me the nicest "Hello" I have heard over the last days... We had lots of fun, while walking by downtown Puerto Montt... Weather wasen't good, just fine... and since we had just an hour to have fun, we had to do things quickly. First, we started walking by the seashore side of the city, talking about geeky stuff and taking some pic's. Then, we decided to head downtown to see the stores and again, take more pics. After half an hour of walking, running, talking and that stuff we went to the Mall to eat an ice-cream or two. While we were having the ice-creams, we started walking throught the stores in the mall, seeing how people is panicking for buying school things (Here in Chile, primary, secondary and college students go back to classes between February and the first couple of season of March and then, are "trapped" inside classrooms until December 21st).

Anyway, since our time was running even faster we had to return back to her relative's house quickly... It was then when we realized, that we had eaten the ice-cream I was supposed to give her if she came her one day, so we rushed back into the Mall and bought another pair of ice-cream cones and took the pic with them... On our way back, we talked about how we were gonna miss each other, since we live kinda "far-away". She's from Temuco (a city up north Puerto Montt, in another region). In the end, we return safely and after a really big hug we had to say good bye...

In summary, I have to say that I had a really nice and funny day with my beloved friend Hito-chan, and I hope that if I get to go to Temuco in the near future, we would have more time to spend together...

Well, that will be all for today, enjoy the week and be safe!

PD: Cheer up, Hito! I'm sorry about what happened with your pics and your camera... Everybody makes a mistake everyonce in a while! and besides, our memories of each other are more priceless than a simple pic. They mean much more!

++ Springtime Thoughts ++

So, finally It seems that spring has finally arrived at my city, after a long month of heavy raining and freezing temperatures. ^.^

And with that, comes all the stuff I hate from spring: Allergies, couples here and everywhere and several other stuff I won't comment here. Anyway, apart from that I've been thinking about some personal stuff, like:

1.- I'm a complete failure when it comes to keep friendly relationships with people. Yep, that about does it. I've realized that, whenever I do something wrong or inadecuated, people tend to walk away from me.

2.- Some people look me as only a bump in the road. Maybe they are right, maybe they are wrong... But, how can I change their way of seeing me?

3.- I want to do something about what happen with asatochiro a few months ago. I know she doesn't to hear from me and even her cousin, ebisumaru_ also seems to have forgot the fact that we were supposed to be friends.

4.- In relation to the above written, I would like to clarify some points and add some info:

 4.1. First, It was never my intention to harm Asato's feelings towards me. As I posted, in an entry about 1 or 2 months ago, we, as human being, want to be accepted by our peers and to do so, we hide some stuff about ourselves. Of course, is more honest for ourself and for the people around us, to keep things clear and with the truth in front.

 4.2. Secondly, if I didn't said some stuff about me, in a more clear and truthful way, it was because I was afraid of not being accepted by Asato or her cousin.

 4.3 Third: I've never said anything to anybody, that was in a way to make myself more different from my real self.

 4.4. Fourth: Is not in my nature as a person, to comment personal stuff, information or anything, about the people I know. and I care about.

 4.5. Fifth: I've never said anything against Asato's or Ebisu's.

I wanted to make myself clear.

Asato, if you get to read this, plz. drop me a comment or ring me a bell.... You know where to find me.

+ So life goes on, and on+

Yep, true story.

How's life treating you?. Well, In my case everything is going as normal. Not much stuff to tell, save for the fact that I'm, once again, an unemployed person. Yep, that's right... Sad, Isn't it?. Anyway, I gotta say that selling cellphones wasn't my kind of flavour for a job.

Moving to other subject, I just downloaded the new stand-alone album of Norihiko Hibino called "Akashi". (yes, its the same guy that composes most of the in-game music of the Metal Gear series... ^.^U ). It's really good. Kinda suits my current taste of music.

Wanna download it? Check on www.metalgearsolid.org in the "Download" section and you'll find it right away. Some of the songs, like "Survive Now" (track 2) are kinda like the song's he composes for Metal Gear Solid 3 and some others, for example: "Like a River" (track 8) are more in the style of standard anime ending type of song, but good anyway.

What else to say?

A cousin of mine is getting married next Saturday. But, I'm not actually planning to show up nor the wedding ceremony or the after-party. The reason?. Because I don't like her. Period. So, as usual I'll be spending a nice night of video-gaming, movies and assorted random stuff.

Halloween's today. No plans. Maybe I'll go to one of my friend's party, but I haven't decided that yet.

Anyway, there's some stuff I gotta do.

I'll post something more interesting next time, Ok?

++ Post 2 of today: A meme ++

Stolen from Okelay's LJ

ikari_zephir's Halloween party:

alice_cat dressed as a sub-adjunct network administrator.
asatochiro dressed as Scooter Libby.
charshy dressed as Johnny Depp.
ebisumaru_ dressed as Dr. Crusher from "Star Trek".
galaxysong9 dressed as Benjamin Harrison.
momorina dressed as one of the Olsen Twins's brother.
okelay dressed as the Duke of Prevgon.
status gets drunk, strips naked, and somehow emerges dressed as a bottle of Antatrul.
tamer_takato dressed as a character from "Raiders of the Lost Ark", though it looked more like a new superhero: Snow -wave.
theevillizard dressed as a drunk goblin, though it looked more like the Cardinal of Osbusdale.
trollstigen dressed as the spirit of their dead grandmother Jean.

Throw your own party at the Hallomeme!
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++ This is WTF!! ++

Info oficial: http://www.inthegroove.com/page/News_Flash

Press Release

October 18, 2006

Konami Corporation, developer of the Dance Dance Revolution® video dance game, and Roxor Games, Inc., developer of In The Groove® dance games, today announced the mutual settlement of the litigation between the parties in the U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of Texas. Under the terms of the settlement, Konami has acquired the intellectual property rights to the In The Groove® dance game franchise. It was further agreed as a part of the settlement that Roxor would respect Konami's intellectual property rights.

About Konami Corporation

Konami Corporation is leading developer, publisher and manufacturer of electronic entertainment properties, specializing in the home video game market. Konami Corporation's action and adventure titles include the popular franchises Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, and Castlevania , among other top sellers. The latest information about Konami can be found on the Web at www.konami.com. Konami Corporation is a publicly traded company based in Tokyo, Japan with subsidiary offices, Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. in the US and Konami of Europe in Frankfurt, Germany. Konami Corporation, the parent company of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. is traded in the United States on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol KNM (NYSE: KNM).

About Roxor Games, Inc.

Roxor Games, Inc. is an independent developer of entertainment software for arcade, home console, and PC/Mac. A true garage startup, Roxor has grown from the original efforts of the two founders into a twenty-five person company selling video games worldwide. We owe our success to our fans and look forward to the continued production of new, exciting games, communities, and tournaments. Current information about new products may be found at http://www.roxorgames.com.

WTF?? Konami is scared of the competition???... Gimme a break

+ Music Meme +

A meme thingie stolen from ebisumaru_ [Unknown LJ tag]

++ Messa back on track ++

Howdy there, fellow reader!

Me is back, and ready to roll! * insert here random hyper-happy movie song * . Yep, finally things are getting on track once again... 

First, I finally found a decent job. My dutie is to sell post-paid mobile phone solucions, (that is, for my chilean readers: celphones with plans... I don't know if you get this... *sob* ). Anyway, things are slow in the first couple of days and weeks, but then... IT'S ALL RIGHT BABY!

Second, I just spoke with the manager of the local arcade center and he told me that by Monday next week  we will reveal the surprise he has been preparing for about a month and a half. What thingie majiger will be this suprise?. A new dance machine, more dance machines...  Crap, I want to know now!. Me is dying to know... And what if it is a ParaParaParadise machine? or an Ez2dancer? T_________T

Anyway, things are know great...

Kisses to you all people! :3 :3

+ So, the quest continues+

Hi there, fellow reader... Who's life treating you?. In my particular case, I'm doing just fine... not great, but fine. Which is kinda good considering the way I've been seeing life now...

I mean, I'm in a point in my freaking life where I'm thinking about what I'm supposed to do now. No job, no college, no nothing... Not even a girlfriend, or supportive friends by my side. I know I have commited some mistakes in the past, so that means that as somebody said to me once, "all of our mistakes tend to repeat or go back to us in some point". So, I guess that person was right.. ._.

I'm on those wierd mood shifts again... Some days I'm totally hyper and happy and blah, blah *insert random happy 1990's song* and some other days I'm totally gloomy and sad... I guess that the fact I'm feeling completly alone makes me feel vulnerable and that sort of stuff...

Even those I though were partners, now have turn their back to me...

Should I care?

The decision is on me...

++ So, back into reality ++

No more depressing stuff, 'ya hear?

So, I'm back into my normal humanity.. Which is good, considering the way I' been feeling for the past 4 or 5 days... Gosh, sometimes I don't understand myself... ¬¬U

Anyway, as the year goes by, I've meet the most wierd, charming and funny people I could possibly imagine... And, you know... I kind miss them all... Just to put an example: Asato... I really miss her; the way she maked me laugh when we chatted on MSN sharing the most wierdest pieces of information about MGS... I just want things to be just the way they where.

Another example: Ebisu. He's the coolest fellow I have as a friend... but he's missing... Where are you?!! I kinda need you (not in THAT sense, of course... Don't get me wrong!). I just want to have those delightful afternoons we had, talking about our gaming like while eating some french fries in the mall.

And the list goes on and on... I could have a whole entry telling you who much I miss and need some people...

I really miss them all... You left a mark in my hearts...

So, moving to other subject: I'm planning to do a trip to Osorno (maybe next week) to catch up with my homies there... So, Feñikime... If you get to read this, get ready 'cause I'll have my revenge on Super Smash Bros. Meele.

No more news to tell you guys and girls. Take care!

BTW, I just got another SOCOM airsoft replica and I HAD to take a pic like this.

Ok... Kisses you all! :3

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